7 Natural Boulder Food Brands You Have To Know About

If you haven’t already noticed, Boulder is one of the premier spots for natural and organic food brands. Why? Well, if you haven’t been here, we’ll tell you. Boulder is considered the mecca for fitness and organic lifestyles…from Olympic athletes to leading nutritionists (and the lowest obesity rate in the country by a good amount), Boulder’s outdoor spaces and abundance of natural products make it a no-brainer to start a health-conscious food and beverage company here. Here’s a list of a few (some new, some established) that we think you need to know about.

Hope Foods: Started in the popular Boulder Farmer’s Market in 2010, Hope Foods is an all organic and non-GMO company that specializes in unique and insanely craveable hummus. Spicy Avocado, Thai Coconut Curry, even Chocolate…flavors that will change the way you think about the healthy spread. Nationally distributed but fiercely local, Hope Foods has a unique process that ensures freshness without any preservatives or excessive heat pasteurization. And, being a Boulder brand, they recently jumped on the hemp train with their new Super Hemp hummus: nutty and delicious, and packed with protein and Omega-3’s.

Boulder Dough Company: Of course we have to include ourselves in this list! Pizza and gluten-free diets have always been sadly at odds with each other.  When a gluten-free crust  is available, it’s often soggy or tasteless. Boulder Dough is here to change all that. Formerly known as The Gluten Free Bistro, Boulder Dough makes their crusts in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen with all natural ingredients. We’ve brought home the frozen crusts from the local supermarket, and found them to have the perfect amount of crunch and flavor that can go with any pizza/flatbread toppings you can think of. Don’t want to cook at home? They’re being served at several local restaurants like Cosmo’s and Nick ‘n’ Willy’s…check them out!

RollinGreens: If you’ve been around Boulder for a while, you’d definitely remember the iconic RollinGreens food truck: fast and healthy meals, with blackboards on the side noting which local farms the food inside came from. One of their most popular items , millet tots, always sold out, and the family owned and operated business recently retired the truck to concentrate on making these delicious little bites. All organic, non-GMO,  and soy- and gluten-free, these frozen tots are nutrient-dense and a side dish the whole family will ask for. They can be found at all our local stores like Lucky’s, Alfalfa’s, and Sprouts, and more flavors will debut soon. Feel good about sharing your tots!

Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods: You know the chips. Boulder Canyon makes some of the best kettle chips in the country, with great flavors (we love the Sweet Vidalia Onion) and fried in heart-healthy oils like coconut and avocado. But this Boulder-based company makes so much more…organic riced vegetables that replace starchy sides and protein-packed supersnacks are just a few. Plus, their company model keeps their sustainability game strong with their trackable commitment to the environment…which might just make you feel better about eating a whole bag of Canyon Cut chips!

Boulder Homemade: Of course you know Boulder Organic Ice Cream (their Mexican Chocolate is legendary) as the original hometown ice cream purveyors. But, did you know that they also produce Figo! organic gelato also? Both are made from Colorado sourced ingredients whenever possible, always organic and GMO-free. Their new facility in Boulder is 100% wind powered, as well. Yet another great local (and crazy delicious) company that fits in perfectly with our little town’s values.

Bobo’s Oat Bars: This mother-daughter team started making their oat bars back in 2003, and went coffee shop-to-coffee shop trying to get them on shelves. Now, it’s a challenge to find a café in Boulder without them. Made with only four ingredients, these gluten and dairy-free vegan treats are the perfect pick-me-up and companion to your latte. The snack bar scene has exploded lately, but Bobo’s has remained its same delicious self since it started.

Bhakti Chai: Everyone knows Bhakti Chai by now…the amazingly spicy and aromatic drink made with fresh pressed  ginger and cardamom stays on your palate long after you drink it. What you may not know about is Bhakti’s incredible devotion to social and environmental responsibility . Given the coveted B Corp certification in 2012 for its social work with women and girls around the world, devotion to its workers and local community and all around goodness, this is definitely a company you can feel proud to call local. Oh, and they partnered with Noosa for chai-flavored yogurt. So, yeah, we love us some Bhakti!

What are your favorite Boulder food brands? Tell us in the comments below and cheers to awesome boulder conversations!

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